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[SOLVED] Is it too late to get into the field of freelance web development?

Everywhere I see that all the freelancing sites are flooded with web developers and designers. In that, the designers that have been there from the start and have high ratings are the ones that usually get the job. So is it really profitable to invest all my time into learning something if it’s already over-saturated?


It’s never too late…if you are good enough or even you are not so good… Have a hunger for learning and improvement. BEST OF LUCK


Let me tell you something natural, so it shall help you and obviously help others who interested in this topic.

Study anything, learn anything, it won’t require any age or time limit, it’s a lifetime opportunity to learn anything that shall be profitable or anything that turns into a business, and if you have a business then you have everything because you have sums of money. I know each of us to have major tasks in our life to let them done, or you can say due to them we weren’t able to learn anything that shall be helpful in future, I know how it sounds like, most of peoples around waste each day by getting misconduct themselves that ''No it’s over now I’m 40 and it’s too late why didn’t I learn at age 25 instead of moving forward they wasting each of a minute’’ all we need to gain any experience that shall be profitable at any age any spot anytime.

Experience never get old, study never get old, and learning good things profitable things never require any age. it’s only depends on you when you’re going to step in, in my opinion if anyone keep looking for votes and ideas to their plan, then i must say they are wasting time by doing this, JUST do it, if you believe if you saw peoples around getting better and better by working under freelance or working under a company, my advice get involve into it, you need study to gain it do it, what it cost do it, but don’t waste a single minute to gain experience or a profitable business.

Anyways, Freelance is real & profitable infact it’s cost free, nothing else require beside your work experience. they paid billion workers & they are keep going, they have billion clients and they are searching to hire, and upwork.com is also a key, hurry up and get hired may be you’re the one whom they are waiting for! :slight_smile:
Check this as well https://www.freelancer.com And we now also have (https://www.fiverr.com/) Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for The Lean Entrepreneur it’s new and more reliable + a key to hired before anyone else do it, Go ahead and have a look they have less workers and they are looking for you, go get your client. Create your GB there and let’s wait for a job you’re looking to get paid for.

God bless you, and thanks for reading!


just great lines buddy.

you are the leader yes you are bro.


Wow! I wasn’t a member here yet when Sam posted this, but wow!
Freakin Motivating.



Always awesome
I love this forum due to you


Same as me
i hope i have tutor like him


You deserve Nobel Prize!


Web development is never over saturated as web is the future with operating systems that in meanwhile being developed for the web. Levelheaded or not the web Holds the future to all tech related matter and if you want to be a high rated star just either finish the project fast for the client or charge super low costs therefore you take more projects and boost earnings and ratings.

One thing is I never freelance and rather find a job is because with freelancing the taxes thing is annoying such as guessing your earnings part annually and if you know how to do the taxes please help me.

Thanks for reading!


great lines dude


That’s true :blush: ,But practicing what you have learned needs a good pc or laptop :pensive: :pensive: as my 10 years old pc wasn’t that good but to say the truth i learned a lot with it and it’s 1 year to get my new laptop and practice what i learned and what i will learn from my 1000 udemy courses :blush:


beauty in its most suits


Thanks for the freelance websites I didn’t know it.


thanks sam


Well said bro.

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