[SOLVED] Is it possible to download courses which don't have any kind downloading option?

I have enrolled in a design course which is quite expensive. But I want to share that course with everyone else. So is it possible to download?

Thank you

Tell the site name on which you bought the course.

it is depend from which site you purchased the course


.com :man_facepalming:

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  1. Sharing Courses here Not allowed. that proves you getting involved in the Forum and I’m surprised you haven’t read the FAQ & The Beginners Guide because If you do You shouldn’t be asking this. I don’t know why you peoples don’t consider reading FAQ even they are made for your assistance. anyways!

  2. About downloading a Course, First of all, read their FAQ and ToS, do they really allow downloading and Ripping the course? If they do, then First thing to consider, which browser you’re using, what Downloader you are using. does everything configured, Example: IDM, is it available in extension and working with media files when they get started in the site player.

  3. If they do not allow ripping or download, Then you should try a Screen Recorder, to record the videos while you watch. Windows 10 have a built-in Screen recorder, else google search for any suitable ones. most of them are Freeware.

  4. I repeat, No sharing of any kind of Brand/Companies courses here. Read FAQ & The Beginners Guide for further information. You need that course to follow the instruction and use it for personal use. Thanks