[SOLVED] is it possible to access a megadrive if we know the link

i have a link to a megadrive of something its really important for me to access that drive. but i cant access it as the folder link is disabled my user … is their any chance i can still access the link using the old url when i had access to it


Mega basically stores a single copy of any file uploaded in it and in case of copyright issues it just deletes the file from the main storage, thus it gets deleted from all the drives it is present. :frowning_face:

  • If it is a personal drive, the only work around is to ask the account holder who spread the content. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is how MEGAsync handles deletes: Files/folders deleted from your MEGAcloud drive are moved to the Rubbish folder on your local drive. Files deleted locally are moved to the MEGAcloud Rubbish/Sync debris folder. You should be able to recover any deleted files/folder from these locations.

So, it is not possible to recover any unavailable url link content from a visitors end! :neutral_face:


okay thanks