[SOLVED] I would like to know if there is a method that we can use to make money on ebay

People I’ve been trying to see how I can start making money without the investment because from the country I’m coming from coronavirus is hitting hard and we need to find new ways to make money because nobody is getting paid.

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Please explain a little about your skills so we can help you. Also you mentioned that you guys are not getting paid, what sort of jobs you are doing or businesses you are currently running?
Do those require physical involvement, or do you have any experience working online?

I’m a music producer and I have basic skill on motion graphics and I suck at programming but honestly I’m not counting on the first 2 skills because during this pandemic no one is looking for that unfortunately but I would love to see how can I either learn what programming skill can lead to get some money or how can I start blogging or something like that.

This will help you out.

Also search for how to make .edu mail in this forum. Since they are countless I cannot list them here.

Here are some more which you can give a read.

There are more, its better if you search the forum. I don’t know which one you may like!