[SOLVED] I want to save a family from suicide by removing a po*rn video from internet

Dear Onehack members,

Please read this message, and if someone can help me, I would be very grateful, wether you believe in God or anything else, this action will save lives and a whole family.

First, let me tell you a story that happened in my small village back in 2010 (In high mountain of Algeria):

There is a guy in my village (my neighbor), who filmed his wife while doing sex in their home apartment, and he stored those videos in his memory card and put it in his phone, and one day without knowing he lost his memory card, and some other guys found it, then called him, and asked for money (much money), but unfortunately he hasn’t any money, so the guy who found the cards, decided to put them on all porn sites.

So, now this couple have a young men, and he found that his parents has a po*rn video on the net, he saying he will kill himself, and his family are living now a nightmare much worst than in 2010…

So please guy, please, if any body can help me to remove them from the web, for the whole of my life I will be very grateful…

Thanks in advance for all your efforts.


I am doing Reputation management for companies. Mostly what happen that some bad customer leave bad review for the companies, we have to make more content so that bad review go beyond page 1.
For these kind of sensitive issues you just need to go through all the prn website where the content have been posted. All you have to do is contact Prn website and ask them to remove them.

Step 1: Note all prn websites where video is posted and its url.
Step 2: Contact all p
rn websites and ask them to remove the videos.
Step 3: If any p*rn website doesnt make any effort you can contact DMCA team and send them legal notice.

It will take time to remove all those videos and the blackmailer who have posted those video i am sure he will not reupload them back.


Thank you so much my friend, for your reply, but the problem is that I didn’t found any way to contact those web site (most of them are very famous as xnx, xhamster, …). And in case I have to contact the DCMA, what is the procedure?

If your problem is legit. I don’t know.
But you have to be persistant in sending request to every email you found of “admin” or support . get to contact us on the page. other is very important use google to search everything.
Nobody is going to hack a big website for free to remove a link if thats what you thinking.Be persistant.

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Did you contact police about this . if you already did then let them take action on this matter.every police department has a cyber crime division which is specialized in this kind of situations.they send a DMCA notice to take down the video from that site . if you try by your self its going to take a lot of time and video may appear on more sites.they might able to track that person who uploaded the video.


On most adult sites there will be a link to the DMCA inf- Follow the info on this page - https://kinsta.com/blog/dmca-takedown-notice/

Also if the people in the video or images look like they could be under 18 - Even if they are not - Then send that info to the webmaster - Mention the police and other authorities etc…

You can also file a DMCA with Google to have the content removed from search - https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/dmca-dashboard

Good luck

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To your Friend:

I know this is a hard time for you. Don’t take any decision with your emotions involved .
Either you can contact the police or mail the P*** website to take it down.
i am sure there are some smart 1hackers who can guide you, and always remember
this too shall pass… just a bad chapter in your life not a bad life


Try to calm the young men first, say those videos are not real, the enemy rents people to fake them using deepfake tech or something like that.

Call police tell them about your problem
File a DMCA to the websites where you found your videos


Every big and reputed pn site takes blackmailing seriously and your video should be taken down in no time. However you need to inform every site. Visit every site. Scroll down you will se a contact us page. Go to that and write your query. Also you can search in google "pn site name" video takedown. This will directly take you to the page where the procedure is written.
Remember different site has different procedures. It can be as simple as sending a mail in p*rnhub to sending a dmca notice in xhamster. But dont lose hope. At the end every video will eventually come down.

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Thanks all the team, I’ll start trying those method!

That is not true… All these website have contact details. You have to send them email or speak to there support team via email. DMCA google the website and open case only if those website is not responding. 90% of these popular website will take action. Go to the video and you can flag or report the video.

Dear all,
@jasonRay @jacksparrow @Ace_Portgas @Damian_Hill @Aj_senpai @xlxh3llxlx @Ayan_Banerjee

I want to thank you all, I followed your advices, and I just verified this morning and I found those two videos deleted.