[SOLVED] I see many sites which give youtube 4k watchtime services! Any idea how they work?

I have seen many website that provide services for watchtime services for youtube which are 4000 hours (240000minutes)…any one know what is the real hack behind it?

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Well, if we put aside the scam websites that provide fake subscribers and watch hours for peanuts, then there will be only a few reliable websites to go for.

You’re talking about high retention Youtube Views? Mean that configured bots will watch 85%-100% length of your video.

This will help you to reach your requirement of 4000 hours , but remember this might drop your channel authority, because those are not genuine and after the great policy update from YouTube, I still got a warning from YouTube, lucky for me, that it was in 2014. Now in 2020, YouTube doesn’t even bother to give a warning. As soon as it spots that you are buying fake views, it will penalize your channel & you will see your channel SEO aspects are getting down as the day passes by.

YouTube, meanwhile, easily figured it out that you have purchased views to game their system, and since they were fake and bots generated, so they dropped out overnight like they arrived overnight. :crescent_moon:

If the Monetization was already activated for your channel, it will be removed. And if it weren’t already, then your request for further monetization will be delayed on multiple occasions later on.

Or, to the worst, your channel will be permanently banned.

If you still want to give a try, then remember, many will claim that your video will receive genuine & real Youtube Views with high interaction. The views will be stable (no drop) and worldwide.

But, trust me! All are false promises! I have tried many of them already! :slight_smile:

there are hundreds of websites you will find out there on the internet. But most of them are fraud websites and they provide nothing but fake views and engagements.

They use Cheap price as their bait to lure people into buying their bogus services. And its usually new YouTubers who take their baits and end up buying their utterly bogus services which always drop.

In fact, you will notice that every single website provides a 100% REFILL guarantee in case the views and subscriber drop out. They KNOW it from the very beginning that their views will drop and hence they provide a guarantee of 100% refill.

So, don’t fall for their trap. You will only hurt your own channel.


No one know which is the best because it also depends on YouTube policy but base on how smart, flexible that one can support team you in case to make sure it would be good or bad. So, if you would like to invest in somewhat or someone, you have to know how would they support if you got problem and what is guarantee, from that, not every issue can be solved. :+1:


Thanks for helping! My question still remains as it is…I have seen some legit sites too…People have spent money and have been succesfull…I was wondering how they are doing that! I know they run bots but what kind of bot how these bots could be made…I read on forum a person claiming his Youtube stopped counting views although he used tor and change 177 proxies.

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