[SOLVED] I need to hack my mom fb account she dont remember her account and pass

First of all, the recovery option is the best, because if you really own any account recovery option does work if it’s about to forget password thing.

But guess what?, nice excuses you have made, I like it, no offense but I really like it, yahoo mail that’s not yours, the phone number is not yours, then how come the account was yours?. lol It’s tough for you to brief, so let it go no need. I know what’s going on and what you on to. oh Hell no, I know it’s your mom’s account yeah it better be. :man_facepalming: no need to mention that. :mask:

2nd of all, I have removed the Facebook id link due to such causes, especially privacy issues, you shared an id link to hack it in fact, there is no confirmation is it yours or someone’s else?. don’t do that again.

3rd of all, obviously the Final one, I’m going to add the possible solutions regarding hacking an account, they do work or they don’t, no guarantee & use them at your own risk.

[SOLVED] How to hack fb account or password?

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Good luck! :+1: