[SOLVED] How to use telegram bots to auto filter and auto forward messages from one channel to another

Hi Onehackers

I am looking for more information on telegram bots and how I can use them to build my own telegram channels.
I see @SaM is good at finding solutions!!
Can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance


i find interet on this topic too.

Which bot? Can you please be specific? Any example?

I need a bot to auto filter messages from one channel and forward them to my channel as soon as they are posted.
I am actually looking to start and grow a telegram channel but I don’t know much about how can I do it.
Any knowledge and information will be appreciated

It’s simple:)

One of the best features of Telegram is that it provides a lot of API’s and they are well documented. You just need to use some of them and create a script like the one shown above in the video.

The one shown above is a python script which keeps running all the time(use a RDP) .It intercepts and sends msges. instantly , you can apply filters as well.You don’t need to be a admin , just a member.

Also, take a look at this…

You can use Conflux Bot to forward messages from telegram bot, user, chat, channel or group to any other bot, user, chat, channel or group .

ConfluxBot allows you some very useful and advanced features, some of them are listed below:

  • Filter messages using whitelist or blacklist , supports regex based filters.
  • Manipulate text before forwarding message.[1]
  • Use webhook to get alert from external services like TradingView
  • You can even manipulate urls like changing affiliate tags or other parameters and also shorten links using bitly
  • Another cool feature is setting Auto Reply, using conflux you can set auto reply messages and decide to auto reply only in private chats or in groups as well.
  • OCR Feature that allows you to extract text from images and forward with extracted text and image.
  • Smart Parsing allows you to parse crypto trading signals, it also fix prices with incorrect ticks to a valid price.
  • You can even set a delay if you want, by default forwards are instant but you can set delay as per your requirements.

Here’s some screenshot from the bot:

ConfluxBot: How to connect your Telegram account?

What can this bot do?

Conflux is a platform that will seamlessly connect your social accounts.

You can connect your telegram account to conflux and set it to resend or forward the messages you receive from one channel (no need to be admin) to another channel (need to be admin here)


You can use application for android - it allows you to forward telegram messages from any dialog to any dialog, for me app is works


Telegram does not allow bots to communicate to each other. So you need a hand-written client to do this work. Also there are some services which allow you to forward messages from bots, chats or channels to another destinations. For example try @junction_bot.