[SOLVED] How to upload file on Telegram Channel using Remote Url?

I am looking for a way to upload files from web to telegram channel.
I think a Remote URL Uploader can do that but I am not able to find one.
[Got one plugin on wordpress which can send file directly from wordpress media library, but that too can’t send file larger than 10 MB]

So, looking for Remote URL uploader or something else which can upload a file of 600MB to Telegram Channel.

Check these out
Good Luck :+1:

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Wanted to upload file to my Channel not on mine and bots chat.
I want to skip forwarding messages(because of that text >> Message forwarded from ______.).

Then use this bot to hide the original source of that forwarded message.

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Any better option to skip forwarding??
BTW problem Solved partially.

Explain in detail what better options you need so I can search for that problem.

Thanks You, Ashim and onehack.us.

https://t.me/url_uploadbot and message(Screenshot attaced) below from https://t.me/MaheshMalekar
solved my problem.

Used Plus Messenger to forward message without quoting.

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