[SOLVED] How to recover torrents from torrent client

Help please 1hackers, Today when I restarted my computer something went wrong, and all of my pending and little downloaded torrents are gone now, there were like 55 torrents pending which i was gonna download eventually and it is totally empty now :cry: :cry:

Kindly visit this Directory:


Replace ‘‘SaM’’ with your username and Replace ‘‘utorrent’’ with your client name, which you’re using.

All the .torrent files available here. :+1:

NOTE: If you’ve saved the data to download under the Download folder, it means as the Default location, then simply open up the torrent file and select the same location. else select the same location which you’ve chosen to save torrent content earlier. it will start checking, and start from where it last left if remain content still remains to get done, otherwise, it will check and went to seeding tab, it’s the default mode, you can also force-check each torrent to find out if it’s completed or still undone.


I also face this issue due to when I start downloading and quickly shutdown my computer, I face this issue few times but then what I do I start downloading and wait for few minutes to check the file is downloading, speed of downloading and percentage of downloading. Similarly I download 2 to 4 programs parallel and rest are waiting or paused because I got limited internet package.

hello well personally i had some issues with this before but i dont like utorrent i hate it i use tixati

things u must do i did before
1-if u still have the torrents files downloaded even if they are not complete
copy the name of the folder and use google to find the torrent link

2- after when you find them add them to torrent and in tixati there is force check to sync files between local and online and tell u which still needed to be downloaded


Thanks for the reply, but this directory contains almost 400 .torrent files, but i only had 55 of them pending, is there any other faster way to recover my bit torrent labels and the classified torrents in them.
and does this directory contain magnet torrents too ??

can u tell me why is tixati better than bittorrent and is it free or not?

Yes, you can see all of them that you have run so far via torrent client. anyways, Try this Solution:

You could try replacing the file resume.dat with resume.dat.old. Look inside BitTorrent’s Application Data folder.

Exit Bittorrent. Remove (or delete) the file resume.dat from the Application Data folder.

Rename the file resume.dat.old to resume.dat .

Launch uTorrent.

NOTE: Before doing anything, back up the entire folder that contains resume.dat, resume.dat.old and the other files within it. Therefore if what’s suggested doesn’t work, you still have copies of all the files prior to trying.

NOTE: You can determine which one you have seen completely, skip it, and see how many haven’t completed yet, so run the .torrent file from the data folder. it’s also an easy method to check from folders to .torrent, not .torrent to folders.

REMEMBER: Torrent client crashes not belongs to the Torrent client itself. they belong to several basic things. torrent file, HDD bad sectors, HDD indexing issue, overloading, bad ram, etc! Utorrent & Bittorrent client always was and will be the favorite and faster. if you want an alternative one that’s your choice.

See the comparison between top 5 torrent clients: https://www.techradar.com/uk/best/free-torrent-client


yes tixati is a free open source and its better then utorrent because all utorrent pro options u can find also in tixati and u can have more options i use tixati for 5 years now

check also this


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use qbittorrent…
best and easy to use…

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OK, Thanks for the info

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I also loath Utorrent, i had to switch to deluge and its the best client ever.

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