[SOLVED] How to open a verified PayPal account

I live in Bangladesh in where PayPal do not launch their service but I need a verified PayPal account. How to open a verified PayPal account from my country, if anyone has suggestions in this regard it will surely helpful for me.


it is also not supported in my country.
and I think it is not possible to open a verified paypal account from unofficial country cause paypal will ask for verification id like license passport etc.
If you have the official documents of that particular country then it is possible to open a verified account


But many people of my country has verified paypal account and they also sale this account threw online ad. I need to know in which way they are verified.


I am also in same problem. As a freelancer paypal in an essential for us.
i made an account using fake address and my payoneer bank account had $25 on that account. but when i wanted to use that money to buy a domain paypal wanted verification of social security and mobile. so i lost that money.

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I also facing the same problem.Is there anyone for help ?

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you can check eBay do search in it i think there is an VCC Virtual Credit Card For Paypal Verification try it i think this can help you


Could I use payoneer prepaid master card for verification and could I get one US virtual number for 1or 2 years.

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as i know you can use payoneer for verification

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use ebl aquacard brother if you own a passport yourself.


same question from PAKISTAN!


help me , i need

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Do you know the process? I have both.

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if you have you can share with us

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@Az_28az11 if you know the process you can share with us.

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Honestly @titomj60 this trips and trick not gonna work. I’m from Bangladesh too. PayPal is very strict about there verification process. Try to read there Terms and Condition.
Every valid transaction require OPT that’ll send over your phone number… Obviously you don’t want to hold your money in your account…
(Try to know about all those things.)
Other way is if you have any relative in US or Canada kind of Officially PayPal supported country use there phone number or open PayPal account through them. Maybe it can be a alternative way


what’s the alternative way

If you any relatives… you can trust his/her all though it’s money right!!!
But you can also go with Skrill or payoneer.


I think we can use “textnow” app for US phone number.what do you think @moaxs1 ?

brother,i simply just don’t know why you want a paypal account,almost everything you do with a paypal account,can be done easily with ebl(eastern bank limited) aquacard.

That is what i meant.

you can check the official ebl website.
and get an aquacard within 14 days by contacting your nearby ebl branch.

you’ll need these things:

  1. NID (National id)
  2. 2 Copy Passport Size Photo
  3. Your electricity bill of your home
  4. A form to be filled at the branch of ebl

and for international transaction:
5)Your Passport

using Paypal via other countries will be very difficult for you.
this is a much easier process for us Bangladeshis.


First of all thanks to @Az_28az11 for the legit solution, as for now and before we only allow legit solutions besides tricks that can be get busted at any stage. so the above solutions are below for those who don’t have Paypal and so do their countries don’t support.

1. Yes, there are many cheap and expensive ways to get working Paypal by buying an account from Marketplace sources. (For Pakistan, no solution to send receive money directly to the bank without verification)
2. Yes, there are many solutions to create a Paypal account with fake information but they won’t stay longer.

Considering both options, your Paypal account won’t stand that long, it will get the end, get busted as soon as possible something get stuck for further verification or due to security reasons. nowadays even original, I mean someone who lives in the US has Paypal verified Paypal but still their account can get hold or get busted for any reason, you can read the terms why. and most importantly, the Paypal system does not work via human operators, there are bots, servers, so once the system caught any account under error or due to an overload or violation your account will get locked, I recently posted topics where you can read the do’s and don’t including facts for business use or normal use.

Here’s the Advice: if Paypal does not exist in your country, don’t bother yourself, wait until your Government issue Paypal in the future else don’t waste money buying Paypal accounts from Marketplaces or use fake info to create one.

Legit Solutions: If you’re a freelancer and looking to get paid from clients via Paypal. (Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Afghani, including every place)

1. We have trusted relatives or friends living aboard, ask them nicely to help you out, ask them for email and transfer money to their account and get paid via Bank transfer direct pick or they can easily send you money via WU (Western Union) or any money transfer which does support at your country and theirs.

2. Considering the relatives or friends, ask one of them to create an account for you with the real information and make it verified. once it gets done, Now create a Payoneer account (It’s almost available everywhere worldwide) add bank information, Attach that Paypal to your Payoneer account, verify the account, (it cost a few bucks) That’s it babe :stuck_out_tongue:
Get paid via Payoneer by transferring Paypal money to Payoneer and Payoneer transfer that money to the bank (Max 3 working days) after that, use Payoneer Card to withdraw money via ATM or get cash-pickup from your bank as well.

3. As we know companies like Payoneer, there might be few more who already the method or in the future new company shall raise, if you know the source like Payoneer then you can use it as well, Skrill also do the deed.

This is the only legit and fair Solution for everyone where Paypal does not exist, so folks avoid using other kinds of tricks and follow the above methods. That’s all.