[SOLVED] how to list vero items on ebay?

@BANANIA_TV is right! :+1:

If you are banned once for selling “suspect” items. Making a new stealth account is lots of work. It can take months to do it right.

  • Not to mention if Vero policies the items the same result will likely happen again.

From 2005 to about 2009 you could probably just make a new account and sell for a while and be fine. Today it takes so long to make an account right. It isn’t even worth risking an account to sell a few items that some company has already policed by eBay.

Remember, if you get a VERO notice than the actual entity or their legal team has reported your listings. If you get a generic Trademark violation for eBay that is a different story.

Just be glad you are not being hit with a cease and desist order and the Trademark owner asking you to pay a fine.

There seller you see, they have particular right for the products to sell.

My friend use to have hundreds of generic items and a few of them mistakenly were listed under a brand name and were immediately removed per tm owner’s request.

after a few days later came along the “great news” from ebay.

  • so, my answer is no, the items are not of banned category, just being listed under brand name.

The small work around would be…

Remove any trace of someone else’s brand and you MIGHT be ok, but still no guarantee. If that company wants you gone, they will force EB to take care of you.

This is like listing a soap under Samsung brand.

How to Avoid Getting VERO Violations and Being Banned on eBay⚠️