[SOLVED] How to learn Marketo Online?

How to learn Marketo Online?

If you’re not trying to spend a lot (or any) money, feel free to check out this blog post/guide that my company put together as well. It covers a wide area of Marketo subjects, which I’ve listed below.

What Does Marketo Do?

  • Is Marketo A CRM?
  • Where Is Marketo Based, And Similar Questions
  • Marketo And Generation Z
  • What Is A Lead In Marketo?

What Is A Program In Marketo?

  • How To Create A Marketo Program
  • How Leads Join Programs

What Are Smart Campaigns? How To Use Them

  • How To Create A Smart Campaign
  • Create A Smart List After Creating Your Smart Campaign
  • Define Your Smart Campaign’s Flow
  • Schedule A Batch Campaign

Creating Emails, Landing Pages, And Forms

  • Emails
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • What Is A Marketo Token?
  • What Is A Marketo Snippet?

Feel free to check it out here: Learn Marketo: A Definitive Guide
And this free course Marketo Foundation Training Series by ShowMeLeads

Furthermore, if you’re interested into buying something worth it, the best top courses/training are here:

  1. Marketing Expert: Russell Brunson
    A legend in online marketing and marketing automation is Russell Brunson . His book Dot Com Secrets is a must-read if you want to take your marketing automation skills to the next level. You can grab a FREE copy of ‘Dot Com Secrets’ by clicking here .
    You can also get a 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels by clicking here .

  2. Free Training at Hubspot Academy
    Hubspot is one of the leading providers of marketing automation and sales tools. In addition, they have some incredible training available for free .

  3. ClickFunnels Master Training by Kevin David
    ClickFunnels is a great marketing automation software for small-medium sized businesses and e-commerce.

  4. Free Training by Marketo
    Marketo is a software tool that has some of the best marketing automation capabilities out there. In addition, its platform is a great fit for medium-large sized organizations wishing to scale. Marketo offers free training for marketing automation (check out their course list here) . Marketo also offers some in-depth training and certifications, which are available here .

  5. Great Courses by Frank Kern
    Some people consider Frank Kern to be the godfather of modern internet marketing. He has been at it since the 1990’s and hasn’t slowed down since. Just check out his website, www.frankkern.com and have a look at his copywriting. He truly is a master of persuasion. Frank Kern also has a ton of free mini-training snippets floating around the internet (check out his Youtube channel here) that are worth your time.

I’m sure the above resources can help you out to get started.

Lastly, I edited your thread’s title, kindly, research at the branded site you can get the top courses there easily, Allow me to mention, we are legal & we don’t deliver content on requests and we don’t allow requesting course content, it will help you next time you asks anything so it’s all about awareness. Good luck! :+1:


thanks sam i had already asked a question similar to his thejoker helped me thanks for other information … don’t forget if you don’t practice don’t get too much information
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