[SOLVED] How to keep my Whatsapp web session alive without connecting my whatsapp on phone?

hi everyone.

my phone’s touch isnot working and i was looking for a way to use my whatsapp on my pc .

I have opened whatsapp web using dual apping it and scan the qr code froom another’s person phone

and now i looking to keep it alive without using/opening whatsapp on phone.strong text


u only need to scan qr code once then it wont ask to scan again on same device if u dont log out as far as i knw
also u can install whatsapp on bluestacks and run on pc
also whatsapp is there on windows store too

evenif i logout from android after scan?

i hv never logged out of whatsapp on phone
i jus never open whatsapp on phone i jus go to web.whatsapp.com and it automatically goes into my account i dont need to scan everytime

whatsapp must be connected to the internet on phone …if you want to use webwhatsapp


When logging on in the whatsapp web feature, there will be a button and a label beside it saying “keep me signed in”.

Check the button and your whatsapp will always be logged on in the whatsapp web.

Other basic points to keep in mind!

  • The method only works, as long as you don’t log off (either yourself, or forced, because of dual login).
  • Therefore, using WhatsApp Web on your work computer should always work. Close browser. Go home. Use WhatsApp Web again, it should still work. Close browser.
  • However, you BREAK it IF YOU LEAVE the browser OPEN at work, go home, use WhatsApp Web again (now it’s open on 2 browsers at the same time.
  • The browser at work will now LOG OFF). When you go back to work, you will have to scan the QR code again.
  • Same applies (breaking), if you use the log off function in WhatsApp Web, instead of just closing the browser.

Also, if you’re thinking of cookies?

Initially, I thought they are doing this by setting session cookies, that have an expiry date, one month into future. This is a standard practice for many web applications. So, I looked for the cookies WhatsApp web is using. Here is how they look:


When I delete these cookies, close the browser and start WhatsApp web, they get created again. So, it is not these cookies that are controlling the above behavior. I then looked at browser’s local storage. WhatsApp web seems to be storing lot of data in browser’s local storage and it looks like this:

While some of the key names are making sense, rest of them don’t. Only developer(s) who are setting and reading these values can decipher them in code. It makes sense, because WhatsApp devs cannot let end users tinker with these values and change behavior of the app.

When I delete the local data and login to WhatsApp again, it prompts me to scan the QR Code. This tells me that one or more of these key/value pairs stored in browser’s local storage is controlling the behavior, and dictating how long a scanned QR Code should be valid.

Essentially they are using some propietary code stored in the browser’s “locally stored data" to ensure that you don’t stay on whatsapp too long (essentially to prevent people from activating whatsapp on a disposable phone and then using it without phone forever, they must ensure people OWN A SMARTPHONE AT ALL TIMES).

So, the answer to your question is: only devs at WhatsApp know. But hopefully I gave enough details for you to understand the behind-the-scenes activity.


in this case telegram is best

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THat is som in depth analysis. THAnkyou sso much

bro install android emulator on your pc (Bluestacks/Nox Player) and install whatsapp from play store and login with your number, that’s it, you can now don’t need login every time on your pc.

There is a desktop version of whatsapp. In my case the desktop version does not log out on its own.
Whatsapp Desktop - Link

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