[SOLVED] How to Identify a blackmailer behind a Twitter Account

Can someone please point me in the direction of a tool I can possibly use to unmask the identity of a blackmailer behind a Twitter account?

Thank you.

Currently, there is no way to detect a culprit, as it is human behind the account, all you can do is prevention, you have to use your mind to catch the flaws, before getting yourself into any trouble!

  • You need to learn, how to spot or catch liars! <<< Just YouTube it! :slight_smile:

If the person is black-mailing you at reality ground, then you need to have a word with Cybercrime police regarding this.

Before it’s too late, get counseling from the nearest cybercrime help centers. :calling:


There are tools available to identify Social Bots as well as some tips!

Automatic detection of fake twitter followers

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