[SOLVED] How to hack WIFI using windows

Hello friends…
How can someone hack a WIFI Network from pc-windows?
I’ve tried to run some android apps but had no success. Is there any way to make it online or by a software for win.?

Thanks in advance

There are TONS of TUTORIALS and TIPS to do this. FRANKLY, there is a SEARCH BUTTON on the TOP RIGHT of your screen, give it a try and if you don’t see what you want then POST anything.THANKS!

BTW Here you go, click the link and hopefully you’ll get your answer (https://onehack.us/search?q=how%20to%20hack%20wifi)


Windows does not allow penetration testing. you can use android phone or a linux machine.

  • android.
    phone must be rooted.
    applications needed - termux(terminal) and aircrack-ng.

I know that have TONS of TUTORIALS and TIPS and I used the search very well but as you can see in my question I said that I’ve tried some apps including tips of the forum that are great but none of them worked with windows. So that is my point and the reason I asked spefict to Windows!


Thank you!

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It will Explain everything, you replied to someone you read everything, I believe you haven’t visited it. you better know how it can be possible or not.

Good luck! :+1:

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I have read this one and even Cain and Abel didn’t worked for me. I don’t know why if is the version of win. that I use or have any other reason. I really tried few ways and didn’t found one that work for me, if I discover some way that works I come and share. Thanks guys.

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Yes it is, using 3rd Party Softwares like JumpStart, Dumper etc but I would recommend using Linux for the said purpose as there are a lot of tools already available for doing it in linux.

Also, you can hack a WiFi using windows because most of the exploit tools in Kali are having a windows version. But you will have to learn them…

I will mention a few:


Aircrack Ng



Check this below thread, it will help you for sure! :slight_smile:


Thank you… I will check that !!! @Prometheus

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