[SOLVED] How to get a interview call from BIG 4 Software Companies as a fresher

How to get a interview call from BIG 4 Software Companies i.e google,Facebook,Microsft,Amazon if you are a fresher .Please no campus placement as it is already a interview. And especially how to get interview for offshore job profiles like bay Area etc. I know referrals but most people seem to ignore the mails. How to attract them towards your profile.

  1. Keep applying for jobs
  2. Keep forwarding your resume to your friends/contacts working in other companies
  3. Keep learning and updating your knowledge bank, parallelly update your resume
  4. Keep your job portal profile up to date
  5. Analyze job descriptions, and understand demand of industry. Prepare yourself accordingly
  6. Dont lose hope. The harder the struggle, the bigger the triumph.

Good luck. And, Keep yourself motivated.

Someone created following videos to share their experience in general. I am sure it will definitely help you in easing your job hunting.

Spare 10 minutes and watch them.

What to do if you are not getting interview calls ?

Why are you struggling to get Interview calls ?

Come out of IT DeadLock and Succeed at Job Interviews

The famous guy on twitter, back in the days, who wrote this article take some time to read it!

I guess I am the best fit to write this answer,
Let’s go on by one and allow me introduce you to something called a ‘Rejection Spree’.

Quora was the first one to reject me, I guess I was over-qualified

How can Facebook not reject me if Quora did ?

Twitter didn’t even think twice

Literally :stuck_out_tongue:

Spotify joined in the Club, now the Club of Rejections is getting bigger and reasons are getting better.

JobVite thought I was too cool for them.

Lever was pretty direct

And the award for best rejection goes to, Dobermen :smiley: This was the most polite rejection ever.

Meanwhile Google is still Pondering over my Resume.

Glad you at-least made it to the interview :slight_smile:

What have I done after all this?

Yes, I still don’t have a job but everyday I apply with much more hope and improvement. I am now aware of far more and different companies that offers the profile I am looking for. I understand recruitment process better , I am open to learning new skills and trying to be a better candidate.

Each day is a new beginning, Embrace the failures of yesterday and live in the hope of today :slight_smile:
EDIT: It has been 2 months since I am working for a start-up in New Delhi, India. We have to start small in life even to achieve biggest of goals. Hope this answer gave you HOPE. Thank you everyone for a good morale boost during all this time.

I think I should share a small job tracking hack as a lot of people are also asking me , this particular hack is helping me now a days to know and track job opportunities automatically and helping me to save a lot of time.

Download this app called IF


It allows you to connect two apps and co-create magic between the two of them,
This is what I did.

This is how it looks like :slight_smile:

AUTOMATIC, Everyday it get’s updated. :slight_smile:


Thank you.