[SOLVED] How to Extend Music Track

Hi Guys,

Looking for a solution [not adobe premiere cc] to auto extend music track.
Tried to loop but that made the music look too odd as music had begining and end track.
Looking forward for some help.



I know you don’t want adobe guide, but take a look to this… for once!

How to extend a song

Looping a track is the most logical way to make it longer.

To create a loop, we’re going to refer back to remixing 101. Start by finding a natural place to divide the arrangement. Once you do, split the track at that spot. You can then copy and paste your new loop as many times as needed. Remember to add crossfades for smoother transitions.

Want to expedite this process? Start by selecting a song that’s already a seamless loop. Then grab the right side of the clip and drag it to the right to repeat the song.

Side note: If you’re working on a video and use Premiere Pro, Peter McKinnon shared a great hack for automatically looping tracks to make your background songs longer.

ONE TIP that will save you a TON OF TIME!

How do I extend a song which has no loops without ruining the melody?

Find the 4th beat of a bar, then set the end loop point there, the first loop point should be the 1st beat of a bar. Find a good first point by experimenting with what sounds good after hearing the 4th beat of ending loop point.