[SOLVED] How to download rapidgator premium files?-2

Hello guys,

Could you please tell me how can we download rapidgator premium files for free.

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you could search for debrid-type sites, some offer free premium downloads from sites like RG,
i use this sometimes: https://premiumleech.eu/
you have to go through some pages of ads and at the end you get the link
these kind of free sites are usually very limited though, like only files under 800MBs or only 3 files a day, etc

oh and if you dont have a GOOD adblocker (not typical ad-block though, these sites detect it and wont let you continue) you are going to be super annoyed by all the crap they throw at you and will most likely give up using the sites. however, with a decent adblocker you can go through that crap fairly fast and mostly ad-free


you need to create account on alldebrid.com and you will get 7 day free trial then you can download all files for 7 days after 7 days create another account and keep repeating this process :wink:


No more comments required if you Visit the above post, because you and he did the same thing at the same time.

Good luck! :+1:


When i try to crate another account with free 7 days. It says account abuse detected and the process stops.

alldebrid is pretty good; i bought 1 month of the service and ended up buying 3 more months on top of that. if you download a lot or planning to from those kind of filehosts its very well worth it. and its only like 4 euros for one month and 9 euros for 3 months, sometimes its good not to be such a cheap sob. now i will probably renew for a year or so, im pretty satisfied honestly but i need more HDD now haha

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Proof of download File size: 1.77 GB


Or you could use telegram bot ,
It converts rapidgator, uploaded, file factory links to Google dive links.
Just send the link to the bot

send bot link


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Didn’t find any telegram bot channel with this name … can you please send proper link of this bot.


Thanks for this but the main issue is Traffic Limit :expressionless: Is there any way to bypass traffic limit

out of traffic. new site please.

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You can buy cracked accounts, its cheap! :+1: