[SOLVED] How to download magazine from Magzter

Help me … how to download the magazines from Magzter .


I don’t Know how to download magazine from magzter but i feel that this 2 website definitely help you to find and download your favorite magazine.



#1 The Official way

How to download publications to an External Drive (SD/Flash Memory Card)

To change your preferred storage method on the Magzter app, please follow the steps listed below:

  • Open the Magzter app and tap on the menu button (which is next to Magzter logo) on the top left corner of the screen
  • Tap on the ’ Settings ’ option (symbol that resembles a Gear)
  • Tap on the ’ Memory ’ section at the top
  • Select the preferred storage location
  • Now all the downloaded magazines will exist on your device’s SD card memory and not in the device’s main memory



Magzter doesn’t have an option for directly downloading the pdf you are reading. So I figured out another way to do so.

By this method, you will have to download pdf of single pages and then club them together.

So open the first page of the book and press Ctrl+Shift+C on the keyboard then click on the page you want to download. Then a line in the code section will be highlighted by blue:

(Something like that)

The next line would be: page hidden previous left

The line after that: page previous hidden right

But these are the previos pages, however we need the present ones. Hence the next two lines following this would be page left and page right.

Open the arrowhead of page left. Open div wrapper, Open div loader.

You would now encounter Two links. The first one is just a jpg having low resolution. So open the second link in a new tab.

Ta da!

Press Ctrl+P and save it as pdf. Download as many pages as you want as a pdf.

Now visit the website: Online PDF Combiner to join all pdf.

In this way, you will get your complete book downloaded.


Appreciate your efforts to provide the solution. Unfortunately, there are magazines which are not available on other websites except magzter…

Interesting. Thanks!

I’m bored so I gave this a try and this is what I did:

-I didn’t create nor use an account
-Clicked on a random mag, which was this one with this commie swine on the cover:

-On the first page in the reader, went to the source code and looked for the first image:

Soon I realized the whole mag was available just by changing the numeric value in the jpg for the individual pages. I assumed this magazine had 100 pages so I went to DownThemAll and I instructed it to download jpg from 1 to 100:

I downloaded and the extension downloaded 84 of the 100 pages, because the mag had only 84 pages. I got all of it at once.

Then you can go here: https://www.foxitsoftware.com/jpg-to-pdf/ and upload all the jpg and it will convert them to a nice PDF.

The images downloaded were all 1200x1574 so it looks good.

The whole process took like 4-5 minutes. I guess it will work with any mag on the site.


Nice trick brother , do you know about downloading google drive documents which have no permission to download because batch download and inspect source those are not working ??

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Try the “Enable Right Click & Copy” extension, I have it on Firefox but I guess it’s also available for Chrome. This thing overrides whatever instruction on the site that forbids right clicks and allows you to use the context menu and copy stuff the website otherwise wouldn’t let you.
With this you can explore the elements in more detail (I mean in sites where right click is originally disabled) and try different things to find a pattern/shortcut to download whatever you want ; maybe the method above works? I doubt it but it’s worth a try.

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