[SOLVED] How to download GTA V

how to download gta v highly compressed . please help me and thanks…


It’s best that you purchase the game directly from Steam. because GTA V is just the best game ever with an amazing storyline. i downloaded it from some fitgirl’s but ended up purchasing GTAV and GTAV Online after playing some mission.

or if you are broke, then just check out Fitgirl’s Repack of GTA V. It works fine as well. and is highly compressed.
Not pasting the link, Just search on Google. GTA V Fitgirl.


Download page links:

30GB repack:

These are pirated so of course you won’t get all the online benefits that the original game has.
In case you want online services like mulitplayer you should just buy it on steam.

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Visit this post:

Resources and torrent sites listed at above post, Just search the game and you will get many torrents including high compression zip files by fitgirl or other repackers (I know why you need it, to spend less bandwidth) Anyways, go ahead and search you will get many GTA version in specific compression size.

But you task must be to grab game, avoid pushing it if you expecting 10GB under 1 GB compression.

Good luck! :+1:


Can you use mods with the steam version of GTAV?