[SOLVED] How to download Embedded PDF from Website?

Hi, there fellow Onehacker,

Need help! Is there a way to download a PDF document from the website which only allowed to view it? NOT FROM GOOGLE DRIVE because the solution for that is already answered here.

And I have already tried old methods on it, I like searching “upload” or direct search of pdf on the developer tools page! Also tried with JSON Formatter Chrome extension. Still couldn’t able to download it.
And I hope the solution for this doesn’t need advanced coding skills!

Thank you!


Which website you’re trying to download pdf from?


Thank you for reply brother @TheJoker
From this site

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I am afraid, but you will need to develop your own script to parse HTML reliably; to identify all download links that point to PDF files or to build a list of all linkpdf links & download them.

  • If you are not an expert in coding, you can always hire someone from the upwork or any other freelancing websites to get the script done for you! :slight_smile:

The basic script example…


Other ways, you can have a look at!

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PDFsam - designed to extract pages, split, merge, mix and rotate PDF files.

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Thank you brother @TheJoker hats off :pray: to your efforts to solve this thread.

Yes, I am not an advance code guy. But I will try these scripts to get those pdf’s myself and if needed I will get help from my coding expert friends. Now we will get it!

Happy Learning!

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