[SOLVED] How to download any resource from themeslide

Hello 1Hack…

I’m trying to download some scripts from themeslide (dot) com but when clicking on download button it stays on the same page for couple of minutes then it shows an error message…

Error 524 Ray ID: 5598385f7e44bb82 •

A timeout occurred

s24.themeslide com

Please help me out…


Always use this kinda online services to check such host error cases, also to be sure-sure, it’s just not you or your IP or any Service Provider related issues, but the error persists for everyone!

Broken links attached to the non-existing server page / Some pages contain links that don’t work.

The target page is taking a long time to load and then timed out.

  • This is often a temporary problem, but if the problem persists it indicates network problems or an issue on the web server.

Contact the website owner via email or something…