[SOLVED] How to download an Online course from a website

Can anyone tell me how can I download an entire course from a website including all videos and in offline webpages form so that I can access them as if I’m actually accessing the course on their website, but in offline mode. Like if I buy a paid course from a website, I want to be able to download it for future reference and also so that I can provide it to anyone who might benefit from it. Please explain the entire process. I tried using IDM and similar other Firefox extensions, but couldn’t download any video as they were DRM protected(I think). The only option left was to use windows recording tool, but it will take a lot and lot of time and effort. Can someone help me with this?


Yea also someone tell about downloading from cybrary.it whole course.

See if this post helps you.


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use youtube-dl or similar command tools via terminal
search similar command tools on github

There is an app called Udeler search it on github


I’m not asking for Udemy courses only. I’m asking for in general. Like intershala course, Coding Blocks course, and other similar paid courses( especially the codingblocks course).


Most of the time, IDM captures the download link.

Use IDM (Internet Download Manager)

I already mentioned in my query that IDM is not working

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Downloading videos from Cybrary is a piece of cake. They host their videos on Vimeo which is an external site. You can use IDM or Eagle Get downloader. Done.

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Some websites like CBT nuggets can detect when someone download the videos. You can still download but just one or two videos in a day. If you continuously download your account will get ban no matter whether you are a trial or a premium user.

You can send me the websites where you need to download the videos. Let me check.

Don’t know which site you’re referring to, but now a days, most of the websites are storing videos into chunks.
actually what happens is, a video or any media file is broken into segments and stored in the server.
and when lets say a client is viewing any video file, the broken chunks are fetched in a linear fashion,

now you might think how will the files will be played? well the player is designed in such a way that it can put the segments in a proper way. for this, the only solution I have seen is to reverse engineer the video player.

you can code your own downloader, if you know how to combine the broken frags you can extract the raw video file from it.


My friend has bought course on the coding blocks and coding ninjas website. Since its paid, I was hoping to download them so that I may be able to access them offline.


It depends … It depends how they stream their video contents…You will need bit of programming… I think youtube dl will do it

I purchased a course and the site was as usual not allowing me to download video files.
I was not able to complete the course by the final time ,so I wrote a python script which automated my gui to record the whole videos one by one and storing them in my local drive .

I used -
kazam video recorder .

Learnt Gui Automation from

I can provide the code If anybody wants,Though It wont work with every site as you will have to make some based on the website.

It took 2 days to code and approx 2 days to record 11 gb of content.


Please provide the script thanks


I’d love to see the code too Ashish.

Kind Regards


Can I share the link to my script over here ? Will that be ok ? @TheUnknown


You have my permission, Yes, go for it. Scripts are legal, nothing to worry. but not links to outside resources. Cheers! :blush:




Friendly Websites

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