[SOLVED] How to Deploy a Forum Like OneHack on Azure or AWS?

How to Deploy a Forum Like OneHack on Azure or AWS?
There are many tutorials for installing discourse on Digital Ocean? But I couldn’t install it on Azure or AWS?
Please help me to install an educational forum using discourse on AZURE for my Institute?

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i think you can do that with deploying wordpress first?

Discourse’s github repository has instructions for how to set up Discourse in the cloud here. The instructions are for DigitalOcean instead of AWS, but you can easily follow the same instructions for AWS once you have your AWS server launched. Here are instructions from AWS on how to launch an AWS server (instance):

Launch Your Instance

If this process is too complicated or if database/server maintenance becomes difficult as your forum grows, consider using a hosted forum from Website Toolbox instead.


Bro I just wanna ask you that which hosting service one hack is using.
Digital ocean Or AWS.

Can anyone give me template like onehack?