[SOLVED] How to connect to university wifi without student id

Hi everybody! I have a problem. I am a student in Chinese university and I always study in the library. Our university have their free wifi for students, but the problem is that I am technically not a student. I am just learning Chinese language here and as they said, they give wifi login and password only for bachelor, master and Phd students. So I thought, maybe somebody knows how to trick the system and connect to wifi, or maybe somehow make the wifi hotspot that looks the same and make somebody try to connect to it and get his password?


Honestly, Most people at school,will usually share wifi password by simply asking, them…


Before providing solution let me make a true note, and we have all solutions don’t panic:

You know if someone from your University read this or someone reports, what it may cost? You can be easily kicked out for asking tricks against the university’s given facility. It does make sense in many directions.

  1. You’re learning the language, you asked them for a password but the refused it with a reason. Do you really think? they are dumb and not giving you a password to access to the internet, Why? definitely you don’t need the internet while you learn the language, if internet is required. tell me for a second just tell me, How come to a university that teaching you something and not delivering a facility that required while you study/learn?.

  2. Why would you so impatient to get into Wifi besides learning the language and leave? I mean if the cost you money, or if they didn’t, in both directions their job is to provide Wifi to students or learners but only if using the Internet during the study is required.

Moral: The Internet probably not required while you learn language in the university. you visit the Library but the only students with ID can use Wifi. that’s the good rule, it should be. You must learn the language and leave. if you need further facilities then you should pay for them or get registered.

Buses provide Wifi, how come someone traveling into another company’s bus and using another company’s bus wifi? Obviously, you just bought a ticket to use Wifi.

Anyways here are solutions, Visit this, if it suits use it and enjoy it if it can get configured with the university’s network. https://www.eduroam.org/about/connect-yourself/

Here is another app iPhone app if you’re iPhone user: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wiffinity-free-wifi-access-passwords/id906436038

Here is another app, if you’re android user: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instabridge.android&hl=en_US (there are a lot more, a simple search can answer your questions, check other apps for further features)