[SOLVED] How to change imei number of android phone?

In Pakistan there is a mobile phone system by gov which requires mobile registration of imported phones and blocks unregistered mobiles to use any network, but there are people in market that change your mobiles blocked imei to working imei permanently.

I am using phone unblocked by this method. Interestingly it is not rooted neither it’s imei changes if i reset my phone.

I have 2 more phones (huawei P30 pro) which can be unblocked can someone tell me how it can be done?


NOTE: Keep in mind that changing IMEI of any mobile phone is illegal so this is for educational purpose only, I & ONEHACK.us are not responsible for any loss.

In android phone you can change the IMEI number of an android phone only after rooting your device so you should first google on your Device’s Rooting method. Which may or may not be available.
So now lets you’ve Rooted Device. Now download & install Xpose Installer


I have s9 it is not Rooted and imei number is changed.

They root the phone by downgrading the OS to version which is easily Rootable then they Change the IMEI # after that Cellphone is unrooted and Upgraded back to newer version of Android OS OR they just upgrade the phone to newer OS which automatically removes ROOT(NOT Reccomended) .
That is the method which is being used these days. This is the main reason you won’t find new devices without verification of device.
Please use this method as Educational purposes only.


Kindly follow the given Guide here, and it would be good if you search before asking anything here.

Check this thread out, it will help you! :slight_smile:

Furthermore, PTA terms are strict, rules are rules, PTA does not recommend anyone to sell or buy any Mobile without proving it’s IMEI, the sim slots will get blocked after a limited time. Visit: https://www.pta.gov.pk/en and find a way to unlock the phone. they have customer support, they ain’t bite you, and they will let you know the method.

Remember, if you’re a good citizen then better follow and respect the rules. because Governments not gonna fool you, if they issued something it means it’s only for your protection and controls the crime’s weak holes. you better get someone in the market who has the proper access and tools, in fact, most of them can bypass such things originally if they have high contacts (that’s usual).

Read the Above posts, and the given solved thread and follow on.

Good luck! :+1: