[SOLVED] How to bypass mobile operator blocked Torrent download

Hi, please help me, to come out from this. No results by using VPN also.

try this, basic idea, a website downloads a torrent for you to one of your cloud drives, you then download the file from your cloud drive


Thanks. I will try that.

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Did this work for you??

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This website does the same thing which the website that coolfuze mentioned does.
It downloads the torrent files within seconds to a cloud and u can direct download it from there as a zip file or separate files. You get 2GB free cloud space in the beginning but u can easily expand it to 5GB for free by doing a couple of favors to the website.

I used this site for 3 years on college torrent blocked internet. works like a charm and can download files with the lowest amount of seeders. Sometimes if a torrent has only 1 or 2 seeders than i use this website instead of torrent clients.


Yes. working just great, 2GB downloaded in 5 mints. Torrent downloader takes 4-8 hours… Thanks MAN.