[SOLVED] How to Bypass lockscreen on Nokia 8

My uncle had Nokia 8. Then he died on traffic accident last month. We are trying to solve him pin but sadly we didnt find it. Do you guys know any solutions to bypass the lockscreen or transfer the files without the pin?

Sorry for the loss of your Uncle. :funeral_urn:

There’s no way to unlock the phone if you have forgotten the password or pattern. Your device needs to be factory reset before you can enter the Android system again. This is there to ensure that user data remains secure.

Some devices used to allow password/pattern reset using Google account verification, but I am not very sure if it still works like that. Basically, just follow if your device gives you such an option. Else factory reset is your only solution.

You can try this aswell, if any luck! :slightly_frowning_face:

Nokia Android 9 & Android 8 FRP Lock Reset Without PC New Method


If you search a little about flashing nokia devices maybe you will solve your problem
i already have some problem with sony xperia and i solved problem but it’s not the same brand

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