[SOLVED] How to build a Dashboard project with C# and ASP.NET?

Hello awesome community,

I’m quite new to this forum and so this my first post.
I need help in doing a project for my final year. I want to build a dashboard to measure the KPI of business,
the requirement is to use tools from C#.
I’m very much of a beginner, however I’m quite a fast learner.
Any helpful resources, videos, links, post would be highly appreciated.
Once again i’m happy to be amongst this awesome forum.
Cheers :slight_smile:


just to be a bit more clearer,

This is a project we do after our IT training, so I guess I could say it is a University Project.
And yes we have been taken through some design course(not the best of help though).
As for the design, I have this in mind:


A good "would be: scenario is that:
The chief executive wants to know how well the company is doing, so he uses this solution (maybe a desktop app or hosted on web server) and he can see just how well the company is doing.

I’m still not clear as to how the input data would be retrieved, at the moment I have two options:
either through a Database server(would have to work on DB communication)
or an Excel sheet that would be hosted online(would also have to consider retrieving data from an excel sheet)

Hope you get the idea.

And yes this probably my first project.
i’m opened to any suggestions, resource or recommendations.
Thanks for your time, this truly means alot to me.


Well as a c# programmer I think you can’t just create such a project without much knowledge of c# and being comfortable with it. I would recommend you take some quick bootcamp courses to get you up and running. There many awesome courses at lynda.com, if you don’t already have an account here are 2 methods by Sam :
How To Get Lynda & Skillshare Premium Account Legally | Lynda Free For Lifetime | SkillShare For 3 Months!
How To Create Unlimited Lifetime Lynda Premium Accounts For Free | New Method! 💯

Once you have your account I recommend this 19hour playlist :

Maybe you should ignore the C# Design Patterns: Part 1 course and the Nail Your C# Developer Interview course because your not looking for good code you are just looking for running code, right?

Anyway after that if you want to make your project a web app you should take this:
https://www.lynda.com/ASP-NET-tutorials/Learning-ASP-NET/791367-2.html [Recommended]
Or This :
And it has a quick entity framework overview which is a way of connecting your database or your excel sheet to your web app

Finally, I know this might be too much but I don’t know how much time you have , these courses should be of a total of 20 hours, after you take these courses you should be able to make your project easily.
Tell me if you need a shorter playlist.


Wow, thanks a bunch man,
thanks for the heads up.
But man! 20hrs sure is alot to cover, I might have to consider the shorter playlist.
I guess i’m in for some real challenge alright.
Still opened to any suggestions though.

Since you want a shorter playlist here it is :
1.Learning C# - Lynda.com : This is a much shorter Introductory course to C# it [3 hours]
2.ASP.NET Web Forms Essential Training This course should do the trick although the technology is deprecated it is still useful and many sites still work with it [2 hours]
3.I would also recommend watching the Work with Data section in this course to learn Entity Framework which is a way of connecting your database or your excel sheet to your web app [25 minutes]

I hope this playlist is what you 're looking for and good luck with your project.

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thanks, really appreciate your support.