[SOLVED] How to be anonymous on buying Webhosting and domain

How do i be anonymous on buying Webhosting and domain


To buy anything anonymously use cryptocurrency which focus on privacy like Verge(XVG) and Monero. They will give full privacy to your purchase. For Verge (XVG) here is the link




Yes you can choose to privately register a domain name for most domain registrars. Your details are obscured by the details of the private registration service from any whois lookups.

Keep in mind this won’t keep you anonymous from people wanting to take you to court for slander, etc. Your details can still be subpoenaed if someone chooses to sue you. So be careful if the information you are exposing is slander or hateful.

Some steps you can take to keep your identity secure include:

  • Using Tor to register the domain name, but understand its limitations
  • Purchase your domain name using a prepaid debit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Tick “private registration” when registering the domain name, most registrars have this option and it will protect your details from being visible in the whois records. Keep in mind this needs to be done at the time of registration. If you register a domain and then make it private after the fact, your details could have been already archived. You can also use a service like Domains By Proxy (this is what some registrars use)
  • Choose secure passwords (25 to 40 characters in length) for everything from your email, hosting and domain registration. This will be how a hacker would most likely get your information, by exploiting weak passwords in anything remotely linked to your site. I suggest a password manager like 1Password which allows you to generate secure passwords.
  • Don’t post any identifying information. Don’t use usernames you’ve used elsewhere. Don’t publicly disclose your location, name, age or where you work.
  • Steer clear of social networks like Twitter or Facebook (don’t create official accounts for your site on these sites).
  • Choose secure usernames unique to your site, as mentioned above, don’t use a username you have used elsewhere. NEVER use default users like in Wordpress, don’t use “admin” for the username.
  • Create a unique and independent email address, don’t use commercial email services like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail as these are vulnerable and can be used to identify you. There are numerous secure email services out there that can help protect you.
  • If you post images, make sure you have stripped any Exif data from them (date and time, location, GPS coordinates, filename, camera type).
  • Disable any kind of social/beacon feature; no comments, no Facebook like buttons or boxes, no analytics code or anything else.

I think if you follow the above aforementioned steps, you will be protected. Keep in mind that a hacker will most likely try and exploit security holes in your site to get in and get your identity or place rogue code to track and identify you or get you to visit a link which will log your location/ip details.

Privacy is never 100% guaranteed, you can mitigate the risk, but there is a slim possibility if you anger the wrong people and they want to find you, they can.

Additionally, the anonymous off-shore hosting for your website , that requires only your e-mail address , can help keep your identity private. For more information read this article.


Thanks alot guys. The informations where realy helpfull