[SOLVED] How To Avail NeoBux Survey in Pakistan

Hi All Members
I am using Neobux since 2018 but there is no survey available for me as I am from Pakistan, And When I use VPN then neobux is not opening site, I am a good typist having speed of 60 WPM Urdu, English, Arabic but I am still unable to earn single pinny online since 2017, Please Help me finding best way for earning at least one dollar online Because I have no skills of development or programming.


Most of reviews on the internet deem it a ‘scam’ ‘not legit’ and a waste of time, maybe you can try Appen, does not pay much but its legit so far.


Ok I will try it

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Only Neobux survey providers decide when they’ll have them available. :frowning_man:

Check this out and also check Money Making Methods & Guides category for more tuts on how to earn! :slight_smile:


this is not just composing it requires special writing techniques

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Please help me< for earning As I have no source of income .

Friendly Websites

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