[SOLVED] how to access mobile internal storage over internet anywhere using port forwarding

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i want to access my mobile internal storage over internet from anywhere, like ip and port.

if i open browser i can see my mobile internal storage on internet with help of ip and port, so how to do that?

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Anyone can post unique method

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You can also read this each and ever move written here > Get started with the Android client


This method are remotely but my question is different I want to access mobile internal storage directly on internet via ip address and port on browser like ftp servers.
Avoiding same WiFi connectivity

Easily Access Your Phone’s Internal Storage over Internet

Accessing your installed SD card from a computer using a micro USB cable isn’t the most convenient solution, as you need a cable and a free USB port, and your smartphone is most likely hidden someplace inconvenient. All these obstacles may significantly increase the time it takes to send over a file or album to your SD card.

If your device is constantly connected to a WiFI network, you can use it as a link between your PC or even other device (not necessary with Android installed) to access it. All you need is an application created by XDA Forum Member DmitriL who created a tool to easily access your device through your favorite web browser. The concept is pretty similar to famous AirDroid.

To use the app, you need to install a client on the Android device and type the IP and port to connect with it.

  • The application automatically generates a PIN code to make the connection safer and protect it from intruders who want to check your files without your permission.

With Droid Over WiFi, you can easily upload, download, and modify files and directories. If you have multimedia files on your phone, they can be easily streamed using the browser.

Droid Over WiFi is the perfect solution for people who tend to leave the device in the other room. WiFi makes things much simpler. You can find more information in the application thread.

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