[SOLVED] How save large file to team drive using Google Colab

I want to download a large file to my team drive through google colab (~80 GB).

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Hello, friends I also want to know how I can automatically download 4TB (Mega Course) to my Google tam or my 5TB one drive. If you know any idea about that can you suggest to me?

Use Multcloud to transfer files from Mega to Google drive or others.

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Multcloud is good but the free account has a limit of 30 Gb only

I recommend using this


Use aria2 + rclone setup on heroku. There is a post about it on Onehack.us
Search for it

Can anyone explain it a bit further i am pretty new to this and i dont know how to use git hub.
Is ther a easier or a detailes guide alredy availabe on onehack plz comment …

Hey, are you using this method(aria2+rclone)??
I was able to setup aria2 and same working fine for me upto a extent.
But was not able to setup rclone can you please help me??
(Me still dependent on Colab, want to migrate from colab. )

there is a button on that page called ‘open in colab’ click it

did u read my post i hv given a link in it which has pictorial guide for creating rclone config…

Yes, Thanks
Tried once more and Aria2+rclone worked for google drive as well as team drive.

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Can you plz tell me full process ?

i hv posted the link jus above…

not yours i want to full mathod of rclonelab

rclonelab link is also posted by me only :rofl:
pm me what u dont understand, for using rclonelab u shd know rclone

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can you plz tell how to copy data from google teamdrive to mega using this in colab?

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