[SOLVED] How i open multiple EBAY accounts (stealth account)

3 months ago i was working on ebay platform i sell e-books, unfortunately my acc got suspended,
How can i Open multi acc without get linked to my old sus acc?

Firstly, you cannot set up a new eBay account with an IP address that is already linked to a suspended account . If you want to create a new stealth account, you will need a new IP address.

How to work with eBay stealth accounts using FireFox portable and proxy (Tutorial)

What is a proxy? What is Firefox portable? And how both these things will help you to scale your eBay business using eBay stealth accounts?

Firefox portable for windows download:

Purchase private proxy here (to hide your IP address):

How to configure mozilla firefox with proxy


Stealth accounts - Should I use VPS (Like Amazon AWS) or Private Proxies with Portable Firefox?


And you will most likely need a stealth paypal account as well, and to quote @New.Guides again here is something the posted the other day [SOLVED] Where i can buy verified PayPal accounts?

The problem is how to find vcc to verify accounts ! Or how to create solid vcc ! I tried icard , transcard, yandex … but doesn’t works !
The vcc should include zip code+f and last name+ country ( where zipcode exits )

There are many if you Google… :+1:

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