[SOLVED] How do I unlock time locked courses?

I bought a course from a site but it has a validity of one year only i.e. videos will be locked after a certain time(1 year here).How do I unlock such thing,I can’t screen record every single video 'cause there are around 100+ videos.


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which site ? u can try idm to download all videos.

it can only be accessed from their programmed pendrives or through app…the thing is…videos are encrypted with time validity.

What’s the website?

I can’t promote as per SAM’s note.
Videos are posted or updated every week in app.
I can download them as they have provided the option for it but are encrypted with TIME VALIDITY.

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It’s fine, Actually your topic won’t get solved until unless you tell them a name, Links are not allowed but at-least you type website name in text. Please mention that site name so peoples will help you.

You have my permission to mention site name. Cheers!


It’s Apttrix guys.


In my opinion you should contact them and ask them using for personal purpose so they could help you


I guess,screen recording is the only case to be left out,since they update lectures on weekly basis,i think i can manage.But What thing should i use to screen record in laptop?if you cant name it openly as per rules ,please DM me.

THANKS SAM…I guess you should lock it now.


It has been suggested not to share outside links. You’re fine with the names.

Bandicam and Camstasia are some of the few screen recorders!

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Thanks for the info. :ok_hand:t2::open_book:


You’re welcome.

Well, screen recording supposes to make something for your personal use or share with others, You’re talking about personal use so In that case, no need to go with Camtasia. Because it will auto load to video editing and process to make presentation videos, and it’s a bit huge software, not lite weight.

There a few options before choosing Bandicam, the options to select something easier and faster in the process, saving & video quality bases. I recommend you these 2 to use, any of both but recommended 4videosoft. Because it will save the video on single click plus you can even edit anything you want from the same video. And it’s lite weight and faster. You can download them from my GD. else anyone can download if they need. Instruction text added in folders. Good luck!

GD Code:

CaptureWizPro version 6.0 With Keys - By SaM


4Videosoft Screen Capture v1.1.20 - Full - By SaM


And if you need something more lite? Then you try this CamStudio It’s a freeware desktop application. Cheers!



well,now i see why this forum is active And well known. THANKS FOR THE HELP GUYS.