[SOLVED] How do I build a Collision-avoidance using in a drone using Computer Vision (CV)

Hello forum;
I want to build a collision-avoidance system using Computer Vision (CV) for a drone; Please how do I go about it; What is involved; have you done any project similar to it using a drone. What are mine supposed to know when implementing it. what Algorithms are involved/needed?.

Please, I need your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.


You can either use a software for this : RoboRealm which is expensive.

Or you can use the Open Computer Vision Library Open CV Casscade Classification, which is the easiest.

You can write the code in the language of your choice. Just grab the OpenCV libraries in that Language work from them.

Following articles might help:

A Computer Vision Based Algorithm for Obstacle Avoidance
Collision avoidance algorithms for unmanned aerial vehicles using computer vision

OpenCV Libraries using C++
OpenCV Libraries using Python

Happy Learning :grinning: