[SOLVED] How could someone copy YouTube live audio stream and turn it to his own live stream!

Hi friends.
This is my first topic here and it has been really good time since I got into this nice community…
My ask is if there a way to copy ongoing live stream on youtube and transfer it to make my own stream from it…like someone is streaming radio station 24/7 and I want to stream the same stream remotly without doing it from my pc or having original material or link…is it possible?

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  1. Download OBS for free here: Open Broadcaster Software
  2. Open your browser to the desired Livestream channel
  3. Add a window grab layer in OBS scene
  4. Edit that window layer (right click on filters option) and crop the video player by removing the outside web page.
  5. Record the stream to your disk

You will have a perfect audio-video capturing system with this set up.

You can also re-stream to YouTube or Live Stream itself with OBS many people did it several times and once their live stream ends, they delete the video before it gets into processing for further copyright scan issues…

You can also, use a multi streaming service like Restream

Coming to legality of copying someone’s YouTube stream remotely, then nothing happens as long as you stream it. You get into copyright issues as soon as streaming ends. Your credibility will be at stake for future videos…especially when you try to monetize videos.


Thank you all for the help.