[SOLVED] How can I upload a movie without any Copyright claim?

How can I upload a movie without any problems and copyright cilm?

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Without receiving copyright claims, not possible… But you can go with bulletproof hositng, the best I know until now after cyberbunker is prq.se

If your hosting is strong enough to tackle DMCA, Summons & Subpoena’s… etc, then no one can pull your plug from web.

On other hand you have to run your project as Non-profit throughout it’s survival, because advertising can make you caught at some point, whether irrespective of any ads, IT CAN GET YOU CAUGHT AT SOME POINT!

These are the safety measures to stay online for years in piracy field, there are many other points as well, like Bulletproof domain, system management, DNS Spoofing, all these things you have to Google!


can you please suggest me some of domain provider for movie site