[SOLVED] How can i hide my local time zone

Hi All,
Is there anyway to change my local time zone, to the same time zone i use with my VPN. I know i could just change my local time on my PC to the same time zone my VPN is on, but is they any software i could run along side it. Its to much messing about changing it back and forth manually on PC.

Your options are:

  1. Install a VM and use your vpn on it. You could easily adjust your VM OS to differ from your host machine OS. This is like the easiest and safest IMO.

  2. You could disable JavaScript on your browser, then it wouldn’t be able to register your local system time, no matter the site you visit. This may however break the view you may experience on some sites.

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To know the different tome zones in various regions, you could install various addons like foxclock.

My humble submission. Someone else may have a better idea.


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Thanks for your reply @Waga I think the VM sounds like the best solution.

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i would just like to add option 3 in Waga’s solution

i don’t know how much it would be useful to you …
i personally use my own small batch script, the timezone i used most often, are added in script
you can add your own if you like !
you can download it HERE



This is nice. Programming almost always offers a way out. :100:
All he needs to add to this is a small browser extension like the one i mentioned above juat to help him know the time zones in various regions of his choice. Thata what i use and its been very handy. I can relate with the regions time in real time without having to google it.


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.

Thanks for that @dydx seems straight forward enough. I assume you just run the batch again to change it back to the country you live in when done.

Appreciate your reply mate thanks.

I actually forgot about that browser extension. Going to add it after this post.
Thanks for your help guys.