[SOLVED] How can i earn 10 to 50$ as a designer

I have been doing graphic design for a year now and I create portraits and logos

I have also tried Fiverr but no luck with it
Upwork does not even verify my account.

I tried selling some tee’s in teespring but no sales

What should i do to earn ust 10$ to 30$ a day

My Skills:

  2. Abobe Illustrator
  3. Logo Design
  4. Vector Illustration

Any suggestions will be fine.

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You can try on https://envato.com/ marketplace.
On Fiverr try boosting your gigs.
Try building your portfolio.
Post designed logo or theme screenshot on facebook group.
If there is no luck with online marketplace then
It’s better for you to search for local clients.


ya i will try it … i am getting some small comission offers from my instagram but not consistent.

Hi , you can earn money from your skills by , growing your fan base ( social media page) tell them why their business needs good designs, relate with them , give business advice too and another way to earn as a professional is to teach your skills .

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Well, it’s been said many times, anyway, let me list them here.

Just go through these, read em carefully, these solutions will also motivate you, kindly, have a cup of tea or coffee, stay calm and start reading them. Trust me on this one you will be get started. :+1:

Good luck!