[SOLVED] How can i boost adsense earning? & What about C4C?

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Hope everyone is fine. Friends, I have a site adsense approved but unable to earn even first 100$ from 6 - 8 months. Here is the current condition im facing.

Please suggest me how to increase my earnings with adsense (With Safe Method ofcourse)

Another thing i heard from my friend is C4C (Click for Click Exchange) Something like that.
They are earning good using that trick. If someone knows about this & can explain what is that & how it work & about rules. Then i will be really thankful to him.

Please help me in this matter!

How do you bring this traffic to your site

Top Ways to Increase AdSense CPC

  • Get good traffic figures – Google places the higher CPC adverts on high traffic sites,
  • Focus your page on keywords that cost most to AdWords users,
  • Use Channels to increase your AdSense CPC,
  • Place your ads carefully so that Google provides top CPC placements where your visitors are most likely to click, and
  • Work hard to maximize your CTR – the proportion of visitors to your site that click on your adverts can influence Google to give you the top-paying AdSense ads.


Thank You Dear…

Can you guide me about C4C Method of earning using Adsense???

C4C Known For SAP Cloud for customer ( C4C ) is a cloud solution to manage customer sales, customer service and marketing activities efficiently and is one of the key SAP solution to manage customer relationship. SAP C4C is based on the following individual products βˆ’ SAP Cloud for Sales. SAP Cloud for Marketing.

The whole Bible can be found here what it is and how to perform: Performing YouTube Integration with Cloud for Customer

Good luck! :+1:

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Dear its not Cloud for Customer, C4C means Click for Click Exchange. People exchange clicks on their websites & click on ads. They are earning handsome amount without any hassle. But i dont know the rules. Because if we click or to say our friend to click on ads on my website. Adsense block the account & count as invalid click.
They play with rules. So, Requested you guys to help me to know how they can exchange clicks? Anyone know about this?

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