[SOLVED] How can I access a gmail account without login credentials?

I have this guy disturbing my peace in my company and he is using a Gmail account to send notty messages to my clients. So I would like to access his account to find out what exactly he has been up to.
Any help will be much appreciated.


Go with hacking, use password stealer usb on his PC/Laptop whenever he is not around, and get the job done!

Because many people are terrible at security.

It’s relatively easy to get many users passwords; trick them into telling you, trick them into entering it on a phishing site, get the password from an insecure site and hope they reused it, install a keylogger on their computer or a virus that captures web activity they installed with some illegal ‘cracked’ software.

However, in this case the attack is on the user , not on Google. Also, two-factor authentication prevents all of these from working.

  • Hacking into the actual Gmail systems would be somewhere from really, really difficult to impossible.


the last, but not the least, probably get you busted easily XD

Use the Reset password feature right below the login box to gain access to the Gmail account. You will need access to his phone number or the backup email that he used to register that Google account that you.

In case you no longer have access to the phone numbers or backup email, you can open up a case to claim back your account password. You may need to upload his National ID, Visa or Driver License for verification purposes.


Thanks Joker, I will surely try this options.

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