[SOLVED] Hitting api of a very busy website

Hello friends! Is there any effect in the response time of an api in a very high traffic websites?


The bigger websites do the right scaling infrastructure to meet the demands of their website traffic, no matter what the spike might be, so imo, the response time may vary with the every specific country and browsers, but the difference wouldn’t be much noticeable to change your api plans with the website…

Websites with higher traffic have their ways to scale out their website traffic easily, below are the some of the points, how they scale out!

  • Load Balancing
  • High-level caching
  • Bigger and faster servers with more resources (CPU, Memory)
  • Faster Disks (SSDs)
  • Scalable databases
  • Bandwidth/Network upgrades

There are niche tools that you can set up to continuously monitor API endpoints for uptime, availability, response time, performance, and other variables. Many of these environments are code-less and provide automatic alerting when an API fails (or when another threshold is reached).


I wanted to make sure that when we hit an api, it continuously waits until it gets response or it maynot get response from the api because of high traffic… So that it would be better to code the http request inside the while(response-isnot-returned) { hit the api again } or without while loop… @TheJoker