[SOLVED] help me guys!

hey guys,i almost learn the basic of java.but i want to learn more advance topic in java.It will be pleased if anymone suugest me the best free site,which i can improve in java…

Try Jetbrains Academy Java Path.

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I suggest you this tutorial.

Can you specify what you learned?

Did you learn OOP , inheritance , encapsulation , abstraction , polymorphism?

If you don’t know all of these things then take this course at lynda.com

Did you learn JDPC ?

This is how to connect to a database in java. If you don’t know it you should take this course

Do you know how to create a thread and run multi threaded application?

If not then take these courses : Course 1 - Course 2

All of these course are a part of this learning path , I encourge you to go through it and watch any video about a topic you didn’t know about.

If you don’t have a lynda.com account , check out these tutorials : link1 - link2
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Thnx bro.Actually,i dont know about jdpc.you save me!!

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Thnx a lot bro.

Most of the things possible, Only if you search before asking anything. anyway!

The thread solved recently and the post contains almost everything that you’re willing to have.

Good luck! :+1: