[SOLVED] Hacking, Cracking, PHISHING, MITM Attacks, What kinda Server | Some questions

I don’t know if i am allowed to post this here, If i am not i am really sorry for the mistake.

NEWBIE here on 1H and i have some questions - I have been doing some research and studying for some time now. I bought tutorials on ethical hacking, social engineering, and penetration testing, I have gone through lots of threads and posts on hacking forums…And i do have some basic knowledge on C, C+, Java, JS, XML(CALLXML-MobileApp)

  1. Webmail and Mailer
  • Where can i get good sellers that guarantees good Inbox rates
  • How can i crack webmail | CPANEL
  • SMTP- I have seen several sellers online and different forums online. Read about SMTP senders: atomic mailer, smtp2go, AMS Enterprise, Turbo mail… Whats is the best provider for SMTP?
  • Campaigns: Where can i get a good company that provides bullet prove campaigns for phishing without being blocked ? Read about GoPhising
  1. Malware
    -Read about RATS; remcos, nanacore… | Metasploits; Veil, MsfVenom, burp, zenmap| Bots? Whats the best? I also read about xploits and using crypters to bypass AV, But seems like that method is not 100% reliable? Doing my research i came across exploit.in, What can i buy on there?

  2. Man-In-The-Middle

  • I am really interested in this method of gaining access, someone told me he uses it to hijack tokens sessions to bypass 2FA. Is that method is effective? If yes whats best method to create the malware RATS or Metasploit payloads?

Sorry for asking so many questions and thanks in advance for suggestions or answers

  • Good SMTP email service for transactional emails easily is Pepipost

  • Mail250 : the lowest cost provider available (here, you can Send Unlimited Emails for just $20 per month with no T&C).

Also, there is mass email campaign software BlackBulkMail that you could use, it can not only send millions of emails easily, but also get a very high inbox rate, and it uses webmail (no smtp) to send emails just like you do in your regular browser.

BBM can not only uses the biggest email services(hotmail, outlook, live, yahoo, gmail, aol, gmx, fastmail, runbox, yandex and mail) to send emails, but also it can let you create yourself sending template to send emails using any email account.

or else, Self-Hosted, Flexible, Quick And Efficient

Mumara is the best suitable application for those who are looking for ultimate freedom to send emails. No matter how big the volume of your sending is Mumara is well capable of handling it. From the most essential features required for creating and sending emails, to the most advanced ones for sustainable reputation and deliver-ability, Mumara brings all in one pack. Get it installed, easily configure it with your MTA/SMTP, and start sending sizeable amount of emails speedily right in the target inbox.

Python Smtp Webmail scanner cracker

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If the spam is being sent with criminal intent and no practising purpose, then - in other words, phishing, fraud, malware and the like - it’s just as likely that the perpetrator would hire a botnet. It’s cheaper, and carries (ironically) less risk.

Search for offshore hosted servers somewhere russia or ukraine etc., they ignore dmca abuses, and ignore botnets too

The expensive options would be those that advertise as ‘bulletproof hosts’:




The cheaper option would be to go with a shady host in a country outside of the US/UK/CA/DE/FR etc.

https://veesp.com/en (Russia)

https://deltahost.com (Ukraine)

https://www.trabia.com/ (Moldova)

https://hostmaze.com (Romania)

I Don’t Understand Your Question.

But I Get Some Hint About Your Que. “ How to use exploits ”

So, 1st of all if you want to use any exploits from Exploit-DB or Exploit .in…??? then see exploit first

many exploit developers write about “ How to Use …?? ” in their Exploits. for Example open this link and read exploit carefully Link : Linux Kernel 2.6.22 < 3.9 - ‘Dirty COW’ PTRACE_POKEDATA Race Condition Privilege Escalation (/etc/passwd)

Here The Developer of this Exploit Mention The “ How to Use…??? ” in their Exploit

Like This ,

Click to open

// EDB-Note: After getting a shell, doing "echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs" may make the system more stable.


// This exploit uses the pokemon exploit of the dirtycow vulnerability

// as a base and automatically generates a new passwd line.

// The user will be prompted for the new password when the binary is run.

// The original /etc/passwd file is then backed up to /tmp/passwd.bak

// and overwrites the root account with the generated line.

// After running the exploit you should be able to login with the newly

// created user.


// To use this exploit modify the user values according to your needs.

// The default is "firefart".


// Original exploit (dirtycow's ptrace_pokedata "pokemon" method):

// https://github.com/dirtycow/dirtycow.github.io/blob/master/pokemon.c


// Compile with:

// gcc -pthread dirty.c -o dirty -lcrypt


// Then run the newly create binary by either doing:

// "./dirty" or "./dirty my-new-password"


// Afterwards, you can either "su firefart" or "ssh firefart@..."



// mv /tmp/passwd.bak /etc/passwd


// Exploit adopted by Christian "FireFart" Mehlmauer

// https://firefart.at


The basic concept is that you spoof your ip address to the router’s ip and switch your router’s ip with your ip.This makes other devices connected on the network believe that your device is the router so they send their network traffic onto your device and you then analyse the traffic and send it to the actual router.

  • This can be done in kali linux using ARP spoofing. You can get better insight on MITM if you search ssl strip hacking on youtube.