[SOLVED] guidance on similar animation

I Want same animation as in this website https://www.paperlesspost.com/. Can Please someone guide me through the Process?

use svg elements for animation purposes additionally you can make use of MP4 for back vid of the page ,waht matters is that the link you shared is damn slow you gotta make it load fast and amazing try to better work upon that first

The animations in that website just involves basic css animation.
Scaling,Rotation,transformation etc.

Getting exactly things like that,would be hard.
here is a website which helps a lot on understanding these animations.
Hope this will help you get ideas.
1st Web Design

Also,right click your mouse on that website and click on inspect option to get further ideas about the design and animations.


@Az_28az11 is right, it’s custom made!

Check this website, it has many css tricks for you to achieve exactly your need! :slight_smile:

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