[SOLVED] Ground.exe Virus ಥ_ಥ

Hi Guys !
My computer is infected with a virus called Ground.exe :sob: :sob: :sob:
It renamed all my applications to g * .exe
I deleted it, but every time I opened an application it appeared at C: \ Users \ NameOfUser \ AppData \ Roaming
How can I remove it forever ?
Thank you so much <3

download Malwarebytes ASAP and scan


Just saying, I have a question, a friendly type of question.

It infected itself? , that’s weird, when you say it got infected and pretend that you know nothing and it get inside without your permission, LOL

How did you get these Viruses ? I’m excited to know because I do shit, deal with dirt every after an hour, visit fishy sites, I never install any alternative A/V protection besides windows built-in ones, then why my files and system always stay clean?. Trust me on this one, most of you who asks this this how to remove this this that that this virus, you guys really need a Beginners to Advanced type of assistance that how to avoid them.

This is the reason, why I’m asking this friendly question, let me know the reason how did you get them? after that who knows I might be able to spread more virus.

I mean the guidance on how to avoid it. :white_check_mark:

Virus outside, the virus inside the system, Stay home, stay safe :wink:


I would suggest you to firstly do System Restore, you can try to follow this guide here, restore it to the date before your computer got infected.
If the virus is still there, you can try to scan your computer completely using Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

It is always better to have AV and AntiMalware preinstalled in your PC. Just to prevent your computer to get infected again in the future.

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It is a full harm virus. I had this virus hit my system a couple of years back. It keeps affecting the System process and cannot be deleted. I used the Hit-man pro antivirus to fix these issues. You can try that.

Note: The best way is to backup your files and reformat it. It strikes the .exe files so remove all the setup files if you have in the primary or secondary drive. Format the system and Make a fresh copy Install Hit-man pro and delete the virus is the solution. Cheers.

How did you get these Viruses ?
I don’t know
Maybe because I installed adobe cracking software

Virus outside, the virus inside the system, Stay home, stay safe :wink:

Thank you :3

Ohhh, when I read you solution, I was trying this out

Thank you

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I tried, but that way didn’t work :frowning:

Welcome bro. Hope it helped.

Absolute! Sam you just said what i wanted to say too! I mean i too work with every kinda shit but never ever my pc has been effected with any virus .(the last time i performed a clean installation of windows was way back when windows 10 was launched before that i used 7 and i had never face a virus problem)… I use windows builtin defender!.I think you are absolutely right! It is about how you avoid them! …

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Man, you installed a lot of sh*t on your pc bro! If you want cracks, try legit sources, not some shady blogs claiming they crack programs.
I mean nearly half of your programs are viruses.
Check the startup folder there might be some bat or vs script running there putting the files when the pc restarts.
Folder path - C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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Ok, thanks :sweat_smile:

Check the mentioned tools on this thread, it will definitely help you to get rid from junk, spyware, malware, adware, ransomware…etc, don’t worry, all are free!


Thank you! I’ll try it :heart:

Tron Script may help